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Italy YAY

When I thought I wasn't going to laugh today...

Zidane thought "Let's make Keiko laugh her ass off" And he went and butted Materazzi.


What the fuck Zidane? Really... I wonder what the hell was in your head to do that. I mean, do you think you are a goat or a bull or something? I know you've been living in Spain for a long time but San Fermines are in Pamplona man, not in Berlin. Gosh, I really wanted to see the face of the linesman when he saw you doing that. PRICELESS! But doing this in the FUCKING LAST MATCH of your life and the 100th you play with France... You must be brainless...

And for the people that havent seen it, here it is!

And here, a gif to laugh at...
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Sorry to all the France and/or Zidane fans, really. But I had to do this. *bows*


Voi siete campioni del mondo!!