Well, I decided to make this journal friends only.

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Wow! Hisashiburi!

Hey everyone in my friendlist!

I wonder if anyone will even read this LOL. I never post here anymore. I think my last post was just before going to Ishikawa last year and it's been almost a year since then! I'm the worst...

Anyway, lately I've been buying a lot of johnny's stuff from second hand shops and today I bought a lovely red album (and a blue one) for my pictures. Looking at them I decided there are some that I don't want anymore and before trying something different I was thinking that maybe someone in LJ would want to buy them from me.

So I have a set of 7 pictures and some repeats of unofficial pictures of Uchi at Tokyo Dome concert during 47, another Uchi set (one with Kusano) from the first time he had pictures after he cme back (6 pictures), 15 KAT-TUN pictures (that I bought for someone and she never paid them) from 2007 too (3 group and then 2 of each member), and two Kusano pictures (one with Uchi).

So I don't know what to do with all them. I can just go sell them at Nakano but I won't get more than 300 yen for all and I can't sell the unofficials. So if you are interested or know someone that is interested, please tell me! I might make a post somewhere but idk where...

Friends cut~

So today I woke up and thought that I should make a friends cut. I did it already. Mainly it was inactive journals, people that had removed me already and so on. If you find that you have been removed and want to stay, please tell me, must have been by mistake :3

This was it :3 Hugs to all of you :3


So this time my wifey didn't make my layout (for once, ILU ANYWAY WIFEY~)  This time the lovely iraia offered to make a layout for me. So I took a pic of Baru and voila!!

Come and see it? :DDDD And tell me ne~